Our History

These Stones Shall Be for a Memorial

The church was founded in 1957 with eight original members. They quickly moved to construct a building with only enough funds to complete a single level, which eventually became the basement of the church. The building in those days had a flat roof and sat about five feet in the ground. Because of that, the church earned the name “Mole Church.”

The church continued to meet in that building until 1963 when Reverend Cephas Senters accepted the pastorate. Under his leadership, using the flat roof as a floor, he oversaw the building of a proper auditorium. After Brother Senters moved on to another ministry, the church saw several pastors serve for short terms until 1970.

It was then that the pastor who had presided over the organizational meeting in 1957, Ozell Pinson, came and accepted the pastorate. Under his ministry the church saw its greatest growth with an average attendance in the mid-200s. In the mid-1970s he led the church in a building expansion due to the need for more space to accommodate the growing crowds. In 1980, Brother Pinson resigned as pastor. The church had three pastors serve between 1980 and 1987. Then, in 1987, Joel Greer, the current pastor, accepted the call to lead the church.

In 2017, Pastor Greer celebrated 30 years of serving the Lord at Branch Hill Baptist Church. During his years of service, much change has been seen. In 2007, the Lord blessed the church with an auditorium renovation. Most of the work was done by the members, and the auditorium truly underwent a dramatic transformation. Currently, under Pastor Joel Greer’s leadership, changes are still taking place. The baptistry rooms are being remodeled and are almost complete. The church’s next improvement project will be the nursery. Much change has taken place over the last 55 years, and we believe it is because of the blessings God has given. Praise God He still continues to bless!